The Economic Perspective on CO2

Visualizing the Relationship of Economics and Carbon Emissions


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The Project

In the last 15 years, I have systematically examined the design space to explore how information visualization and algorithms can be used to bridge complex societal issues, decision-makers, and society as a whole. For the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), I have developed the style guides for the world climate reports, as well as the associated guidelines for visualizing climate data, complex concepts, and data types. The particular challenges of this task lay in both the multitude of illustrations and technical data, as well as the political guidelines that arise within an international body like the IPCC. The visualization concepts not only had to meticulously meet all technical requirements but also needed to be politically neutral, intuitively unbiased, and allow for as little room for interpretation as possible.

For the IPCC, I have led the way on two reports. I have developed over 1000 visualizations that were published by Cambridge Press, Spiegel Online, Nature Climate Change, Environmental Science and Policy, and other relevant contexts.

Related Publications (selection)

Climate change 2014: mitigation of climate change. Vol. 3.
Edenhofer, Ottmar et al.
Cambridge University Press, 2015.